Pollen Masters, Industry Leading American Made Dry Sift Tumblers and Kief Extractors
PollenMasters is an American-made electric motor powered dry-sift tumbler designed for collecting botanical flower essences. Available in 4 convenient sizes: 150-gram, 500-gram, 1500-gram and the massive new 4500-gram model.
Pollen Master 150 Dry Sift Extractor and Kief Tumbler

Pollen Master 150

The smallest of the PollenMasters family. The Pollen Master 150 is able to process 150g at a time.
Pollen Master 500 Kief Collector and Dry Sift Extraction

Pollen Master 500

The second in the Pollen Master family. The Pollen Master 500 is able to process 500g at a time.
Pollen Master 1500 Kief Tumbler and Dry Sift Collector

Pollen Master 1500

The Pollen Master 1500 processes 1.5kg (3.5lbs) of leaf, flower or trimmings per cycle.
Pollen Master 4500 handle 10 Lbs of trim, flower, leaves or stems in a single use.

Pollen Master 4500

The Pollen Master 4500 can process 10lbs of plant material at one time.

All PollenMasters are carefully handcrafted in our facility in Los Angeles, CA and constructed from top grade materials.
The sturdy boxes are imported from Switzerland, based on a frame design, manufactured from molded, food grade Polypropylene that is heat and cold resistant for long-lasting strength and durability. All machines have a 1-year warranty, are easy to clean and feature fully accessible parts for effortless maintenance and repair.

Pollen Master 150


The smallest of the PollenMaster family. The Pollen Master 150 is able to process 150g at a time. The entire process takes only 15 minutes!  The Pollen Master 150 is shipped with a 150 micron (regular) screen.

Dry Sift, Kief Tumbler
Tumble flowers, leaves, stems, or trim and process within 15 minutes.
Pollen Master 500


The second in the PollenMaster family. The Pollen Master 500 is able to process 500g at a time. The Pollen Master 500 is shipped with a standard 150mc screen.

Pollen Master 1500


The Pollen Master 1500 processes 1.5kg (3.5lbs) of leaf, flower or trimmings per cycle.  The Pollen Master 1500 is shipped with a 150 micron (regular) screen.

dry sift and kief extractor
Pollen Master 4500


The Pollen Master 4500 is the only tumbler on the market that can process 10lbs of plant material at one time. It is driven by a Bodine Electric Gear motor manufactured in Iowa, USA. The lidded box is heat and cold resistant and manufactured specifically for the food industry. A powerhouse that will improve your production dramatically, there is nothing quite like the Pollen Master 4500. It is shipped with a standard 150mc screen.


Commonly Asked Questions About Dry-Sift

What is Dry Sift?
Dry sift or kief is the result of mechanically removing the resin glands from the plant by sieving them with screens of different sizes, without any kind of solvent.
Dry Ice or Frozen Material?
Freeze your material!! With dry ice you are adding a solvent to your material. We recommend you freeze material, overnight if possible, which will make tricomes harden and greatly improve your yield. We also recommend shorter run times in a cool room, to prevent condensation.
What Micron Screen Should I Pick?
This is dependent on your personal preference and intended use of the sift. The Pollen Masters come standard with 150 Micron Screen, this is the ideal screen for achieving a balance of quality and quantity of Dry Sift and if you are looking for a higher quality, we offer the finer 125 Micron Screen. If your goal is a higher yield, we offer our 185 Micron Screen.
Can I make Rosin from Dry-Sift?
Absolutely. Dry-Sift Rosin its a great way to make a dabbable concentrate, free from solvents. Many customers will purchase a tumbler and a press and use it to process all their trim into rosin. When pressing Dry Sift, we recommend using our 25u, 45u or 73u Rosin Tech Filter Bags.
How long should I run my PollenMaster?
We recommend running the Pollen Master in 15 minutes intervals. After 15 minutes, stop the machine, remove your drum and collect your ‘Grade-A’ Dry Sift. Then repeat this process and keep your ‘Grade-B’ Dry Sift in a separate collection container. After that you can run the machine for another 30 minutes or as long as your prefer. This is your Grade-C Dry Sift, but you may run the risk of getting some plant material in your drysift. It depends what you’re looking for Quantity or Quality.
What can I do with Dry-Sift?
You can sell it, smoke it, pair it with flower, or use it to make edibles, hash or rosin.
Can I choose multiple mcron screen sizes?

Yes, we offer Extra Drums that come in 3 different sizes (125u,150u* and 185u) for easily switching out drums on your Pollen Master. We also offer Replacement Screens that you come in all 3 sizes (125u,150u* and 185u) that you can change out yourself or, for a small fee, we will change them out for you.**

*Comes Standard with all Pollen Masters
** Shipping Rates Apply

Pollen Masters get the Soil King stamp of approval! I like them so much I started selling them at The Soil King Garden Center. Up here in NorCal we recommend the 1500 or 4500 model to process large amounts of material. Time-tested, nothing works better than a Pollen Master!
Patrick " The Soil King"

Owner & Founder | The Soil King Garden Center

Pollen Masters are Rad! I love my 4500 and use it all the time. I tried a couple different machines, but I get the best results with my Pollen Master. At SLOgrown we’re big on organic flower and solventless extracts, so we use Solventless Dry Sift to make some amazing Rosin, Edibles, Tinctures, Salves and Capsules

Owner & Founder | SLOgrown Genetics

As the lead extraction artist for a succesful company I had 5 Pollen Master 4500’s and 5 Rosin Tech Presses. That was all I needed to be a top producer of concentrates. I would collect my Grade-A and Grade-B Dry Sift for the High Quality Rosin and then I’d run it all night to make Dry Sift for my edible line.

Owner & Founder | Stoney Delightz

I have a couple plants at home that I use to make CBD oil for sick kids in my community. Pollen Master made the whole process much easier.

Home User

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